Drop Forged Double Coupler Drop Forged Double Coupler is used for connecting two 48.3mm tubes at right angles. This heavy […]

Single Coupler Drop Forged Steel Fixed Beam Clamp is used for connecting dia. 48.3mm tube with a steel beam. Material: […]

Model: TW-OF750-35LVoltage: 220VCapacity (HP): 1 HPFlow (L / min): 145


BS1139 standard scaffolding is a kind of galvanized pipe scaffolding connected by scaffolding accessories according to BS1139 standard, including:- Fixed clamp (Double clamp) or dead shackles, rotary shackles (swivel clamp) or rotary locks, slender coupler, cheek clamp (putlog), also known as pig ear clamp, beam clamp / girger coupler)

Hyundai SM-70 Welding WireDigitalModel: SM-70Chemical composition:

(TIẾNG VIỆT) MÁY HÀN HỒ QUANG IDEALARC R3R-400Sorry, this entry is only available in Vietnamese.

Swivel Shackle Type ASwivel Shackle can link anchor directly,no Anchor Shackle, which is another joining form to link anchor and anchor chains

Garnet is the most commonly used material, chosen by the Shipbuilding Company, the Oil and Gas Enterprise, the most widely used in the grain for cleaning metal surfaces.

Particles of slag against Anmon (Coal slag) A1, A2, A3, … (EUROGRIT – NETHERLANDS) Coal of slag As we all […]

Model: TM-V-0.17 / 8-120LVoltage: 220VCapacity (HP): 2HPFlow (L / min): 170Pressure (Kg / cm): 8Tank capacity (Lit.): 120L

Lalizas SOLAS lifejackets with lights, whistles, reflectiveP/N: 70 178.

Please contact us for best product advice and installation techniques:Toan Tan Loc Trading

he JMG-Japan saw blade is specially designed with a 1.75mm body, TCT - 2.0mm Tungsten Carbide Tip, which minimizes friction and wear for saws and cutters..

Product code: Nachi DrillsGeneral informationSpecialized in providing Drill Nachi, imported from Japan.

Model: TW-OF550-35LVoltage: 220VCapacity (HP): 3/4 HPFlow (L / min): 110

Glass cloth is a soft, durable fiberglass fabric system, the diameter of microfiber (16µm) has been surface treated, with binder (acrylic) linking fibers, reinforcing the fireproof adhesive layer, creating the surface with High quality, resistant to corrosive environment, extend the life of soundproof class.

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