PRODUCT INTRODUCTION : GRAIN STEEL SHOT is a form of steel balls, spherical, with lots of different sizes, which are […]

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HT800 fireproof glass cloth products are widely used in shipbuilding mechanics, manufacturing of drilling rigs, oil and gas, steel structure processing, prefabricated house frames, automobile manufacturing, manufacturing mechanics, construction and installation, construction...

PS ball grinders are widely used in many advanced countries for the treatment of surface rust of ships, hulls ...

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Anchor Shackle Type DAnchor Shackle is used for connecting anchor and anchor chains for Port and Starboad. All can be supplied with Class Certificate, ABS, BV, LR.

Product code: MC UV-HQ-KukjeManufacturer: KukjeCountry of Origin: South KoreaQuality standards: ISO 6407-1998, CE ★ ★ ANSI Z89

Zinc Tank Anode

Stud link anchor chain Common Link6 x Chain Diameter = Length(eg. 1” Chain = 6” length) Enlarged Link6.6 x Chain Diameter = Length End Link6.75 x Chain Diameter = Length

Glass cloth is a soft, durable fiberglass fabric system, the diameter of microfiber (16µm) has been surface treated, with binder (acrylic) linking fibers, reinforcing the fireproof adhesive layer, creating the surface with High quality, resistant to corrosive environment, extend the life of soundproof class.

U2 Stud Link Anchor ChainWe supply all kinds of U2 Stud Link Anchor Chain, U3 Stud Link Anchor Chain and Open Link Anchor Chain, Kenter Shackle and End Shackle also supplied together

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BS1139 standard scaffolding is a kind of galvanized pipe scaffolding connected by scaffolding accessories according to BS1139 standard, including:- Fixed clamp (Double clamp) or dead shackles, rotary shackles (swivel clamp) or rotary locks, slender coupler, cheek clamp (putlog), also known as pig ear clamp, beam clamp / girger coupler)

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