Garnet is the most commonly used material, chosen by the Shipbuilding Company, the Oil and Gas Enterprise, the most widely used in the grain for cleaning metal surfaces.

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Glass cloth is a soft, durable fiberglass fabric system, the diameter of microfiber (16µm) has been surface treated, with binder (acrylic) linking fibers, reinforcing the fireproof adhesive layer, creating the surface with High quality, resistant to corrosive environment, extend the life of soundproof class.

HT800 fireproof glass cloth products are widely used in shipbuilding mechanics, manufacturing of drilling rigs, oil and gas, steel structure processing, prefabricated house frames, automobile manufacturing, manufacturing mechanics, construction and installation, construction...

3M Scotchcast Flame Retardant Compound 2131B, 213 grams, 10 per case

Drop Forged Steel Fixed Beam Clamp Drop Forged Steel Fixed Beam Clamp is used for connecting dia. 48.3mm tube with […]

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Drop Forged Double Coupler Drop Forged Double Coupler is used for connecting two 48.3mm tubes at right angles. This heavy […]

PRODUCT INTRODUCTION Granular oxide particles: Aluminum oxide is a material is widely used in many industrial sectors: manufacturing glass, metal […]

Product code: MC UV-HQ-KukjeManufacturer: KukjeCountry of Origin: South KoreaQuality standards: ISO 6407-1998, CE ★ ★ ANSI Z89

A Quality hull anode manufactured to the strict US Military specification 24779B that ensures it will perform throughout its life to protect your boat. Hand poured, which is regarded as the best form of casting for Zinc Anodes, by Invicta Anodes in the UK.

Single Coupler Drop Forged Steel Fixed Beam Clamp is used for connecting dia. 48.3mm tube with a steel beam. Material: […]

Lalizas SOLAS lifejackets with lights, whistles, reflectiveP/N: 70 178.

Aluminum Tank Anodes Aluminum Anodes - Hull, Pier, Pilings, Platform, Ballast Tanks and More.

Stud link anchor chain Common Link6 x Chain Diameter = Length(eg. 1” Chain = 6” length) Enlarged Link6.6 x Chain Diameter = Length End Link6.75 x Chain Diameter = Length

Toan Tan Loc Trading & Service Joint Stock Company: Specializing in supplying and distributing Huyndai stainless steel welding rod with all sizes 2.0mm, 2.6mm, 3.2mm, 4.0mm, 5.0mm; ...

Scaffolding tube Tubes are protected by hot dip Galvanizing or Pre- Galvanizing with BS1139 standard of production. – Size: + […]

Hyundai S-6013.LF soldering stickDigitalModel: S-6013.LF

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