Garnet is the most commonly used material, chosen by the Shipbuilding Company, the Oil and Gas Enterprise, the most widely used in the grain for cleaning metal surfaces.

PS ball grinders are widely used in many advanced countries for the treatment of surface rust of ships, hulls ...

PRODUCT INTRODUCTION : GRAIN STEEL SHOT is a form of steel balls, spherical, with lots of different sizes, which are […]

INTRODUCTION OF GRIT GRIT WHITE PRODUCTS : STEEL GRIT is produced by grinding round steel ball. Multi-grain grinding wheels are […]

PRODUCT INTRODUCTION Granular oxide particles: Aluminum oxide is a material is widely used in many industrial sectors: manufacturing glass, metal […]

PRODUCT INTRODUCTION : CUT STEEL WIRE (Grain Grinder cut) is very popular material, commonly used in the spraying, spraying Shot […]

Particles of slag against Anmon (Coal slag) A1, A2, A3, … (EUROGRIT – NETHERLANDS) Coal of slag As we all […]