Lifting Equipment

Myung Sung Korea Cables is one of the specialized products for the lifting, loading and unloading of heavy and bulky goods....

Stud link anchor chain Common Link
6 x Chain Diameter = Length
(eg. 1” Chain = 6” length)
Enlarged Link
6.6 x Chain Diameter = Length
End Link
6.75 x Chain Diameter = Length

U2 Stud Link Anchor Chain
We supply all kinds of U2 Stud Link Anchor Chain, U3 Stud Link Anchor Chain and Open Link Anchor Chain, Kenter Shackle and End Shackle also supplied together

Anchor Shackle Type D
Anchor Shackle is used for connecting anchor and anchor chains for Port and Starboad. All can be supplied with Class Certificate, ABS, BV, LR.

Grade 100 alloy chain is a low weight, high strength, heat treated chain which can be used for overhead lifting. It is stronger than grade 80 chain. It can be used in a variety of slings. Alloy chain comes in a bright finish and should not be galvanized as it will weaken the strength of the chain. This chain is typically ordered by the foot.

High Strength Forged Alloy Steel Hook with Quick Check features to help judge lifting angles and hook deformation. Fatigue rated at 1 1/2 times the Working Load Limit at 20,000 cycles. Perfect for a wide variety of lifting applications.

Swivel Shackle Type A
Swivel Shackle can link anchor directly,no Anchor Shackle, which is another joining form to link anchor and anchor chains

Swivel Shackle Type B
Swivel shackle has two types, type A and Type B; Swivel Shackle Type B is commonly used to joining anchor and anchor chains.

It is fitted with high speed, taper roller bearings on blocks over 4Te capacity and greased through both the headfitting and sheave pin. A secure lock ‘R’ clip prevents accidental opening and the block has capacities ranging from 2Te to 30Te with various sheave and wire sizes available. This means that there is a model suitable to meet most requirements.