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Welcome to the TTL website! Found in 2015 by group experienced engineers, with an absolute commitment to outstanding quality, reliability and competitive price has assisted our successes in supplying tool, equipments and related services in Vietnam and nearby region, particularly in high-risk environments such as Oil & Gas, Chemical Petrochemical, Steel and Power  Industries. Following are specified ranges we frequently supply: 

  • Liffting Equipments: Crosby, Gunnebo, Van Beest, Henriksen, Umoe Schat-Harding…
  • Lubrication & Hydraulic Equipments (Lazep, Enerpac, Parker, Simplex, Hi-Force)
  • Zinc anode, Aluminium Anode, Zinc casting round solid
  • Industrial Gas, Calibration Gas, Mixture Gas, Refrigerant, Liquid… and Equipment.
  • Calibration&Measurement Equipments (Yokogawa, Leitenberger, Foxboro Eckardt,GE Druck)
  • Automatic&Electrical Equipments (Nireco, Nohken, ABB, Siemens,Rockwell Automation, Allen-Bradley,FARNELL, Emerson Rosemount, Ifm, Balls, GE Druck,…)
  • Machine-Tool and Hand-tools for Workshop (ICO Tool, WIHA, Nachi, BETA, Genset, Cromwell, Excel, Ixion, Reed, Fisher UK, Rems, Stanley
  • Various Type of Valve, Pipe, Gasket, Fitting (Swagelok, Parker, KVC, Econosto, Chesterton, Klinger, Mankenberg, Fariss Engineering, Flexitallic, Boehmer, Coax ..)
  • Welding equipment manufacturers are well known names: Hypertherm, Unitor, Miller, ESAB, BMW, American Filler Metals,Lincolin (USA), ATTC, Mannings, Taylor (United Kingdom) , Chosun (Korea) and Koike Sanso Kogyo,Tandano, Panasonic, (Japan), Bycotest (Sweden), Gilardoni, CEA (Italy), Gullco (Canada), UTP (Germany), Kemppi (Filand).
  • Chemicals for Cleaning, Paint Striping, Washing, NDT, Protection, etc in Steel, Petroleum and Electric Industry (Chemetall).
  • Casting Parts (non-standard dimensions)
  • Safety Tool & equipments
  • Other (Geyer, George Fisher Piping, Nitto, ….)

Toan Tan Loc Trading & Services Joint Stock Co., has a core team of high skilled engineers with experiences in the other industries to repair, maintain supplied tool and equipments and carry out all services after sales.

Our Customer  

We have supplied successfully in both quality and competitive all above kinds of equipment for companies operating in Vietnam specializing in Steel and Petroleum Company. Following are companies we frequently supply equipments:

  • Phu My Fertilizer & Chemical Company (PVFCCo, subsidiary of PetroVietnam)
  • Phu My Power Plant 3 (BP-BOT 3)
  • Phu My Power Plant (EVN-PMPC, subsidiary of Vietnam Electric Corporation)
  • Petroleum Technical Services Company  (PTSC, subsidiary of PetroVietnam)
  • Japan Vietnam Petroleum Company (JVPC, Nippon Oil Company)
  • Blue Scope Steel Company, Vietnam (BSSC, BlueScope Steel Australia)
  • Phu My Flat Steel Company (VSC-PFS, subsidiary of Vietnam Steel Corporation)
  • Technip Company
  • Cofiva company
  • Samsung company Ltd
  • PTSC Marine Company
  • Vietsovpetrol Company ( All the Enterprise), And other……

We believe that customers will find that our company a preferential price, right quality, time to meet fast, streamlined, with the reasonable warranty